Younger Children (4-8)
Late Summer Classes (September)

 Level Two Prep

 Level Three Prep

 (5-7 yrs)
 (6-8 yrs)

This class focuses on exploring the world through music in a small group setting (class size 4-8). The curriculum offers a superior preparation for later instrumental study, as well as a joyful and exciting introduction to the many facets of music. Activities: Writing and reading music Hands on exploration of many acoustic instruments (Violin, Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, etc.) Playing music, in ensemble and at home (glockenspiel, rhythm sticks, and other percussion instruments) Movement in response to musical cues (high/low, loud/soft, short/long, etc.) Singing, chanting, and exploring the voice Listening to sounds of nature and of the home, and to music and instruments from around the world Individual expression through improvisation, free movement, vocal exploration, and composing

Tuition: $180
Materials fees: $70 (includes glockenspiel, tambourine, lollipop drum, wood agogo, etc.)

Times and Dates:
Classes meet 9/3-9/12, on Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30-5:30 (4 classes in 2 weeks).


$70 materials fee due immediately to reserve a space. Tuition ($180) due at the first lesson.