1)Clothing: Please dress your child in comfortable clothes, enabling movement and work on the floor. Since we remove shoes, please have your child wear footwear that they can easily put on by themselves.

2)Arrival and Pickup: Please bring children no earlier than 10 minutes before class. The back porch is my drop-off and pick-up point. Be prepared to stay with your child until class begins. Classes will start on time, so plan to arrive promptly so as not to miss anything. For their own sense of security, it is important that children be picked up promptly. If you leave, please plan to return at least 15 minutes before the end of class (see 4 below).

3)Parking: Studio parking is in the parking lot for Love Park, on 13th street, directly across from the front gate. It is important that your accompany your child, through the gate, and around the house, to the back porch, and that you see me before you leave.

4)Missed Lessons: When possible, if you are forced to skip a lesson, please leave a message on my answering machine before the lesson to let me know .

5)Gravel Path: Please do not permit your children to play with the gravel in the path. I know they love to do this; to them it feels like a big sand box. However, neighborhood cats use it as a giant litter box, so it is very dirty. Also, it creates a double safety problem for my yard. After they play, there are often big holes in the path, upon which an unwary person may stumble. Also, the pebbles get thrown up when my lawn is mowed. Please help me keep your child’s hands out of the gravel! The studio rule is: For each handful of gravel played with, and for each portion of gravel kicked out, the student is asked to put 10 handfuls back in the path from the side!