Tuition and Yearly Schedule

Tuition for the academic year is $1080 payable in 2 semester installments of $540. Payments are due September 15 and January 15. Tuition for the summer term is $350. A $60 late fee will be assessed when payment is more than 1 week late.

Enrollment entails a commitment to pay the entire tuition for 2 semesters

Missed Lessons

With sufficient notice, I can occasionally reschedule lessons. However, this is rarely possibly due to the difficulties of meshing my full schedule with yours.

The yearly schedule includes two extra lessons to cover teacher illness or emergencies.

Summer Lessons

In order to reserve a spot in the Fall schedule, students are expected to take lessons, when they are in Houston, during the summer term (see studio schedule, attached). I will plan the lessons around your vacation schedule.

Book Deposit

A $100 book fee is due at the beginning of the year.


Participation in all recitals is completely voluntary. There are two recitals a year- in early December and early May. The cost to participate in recitals and practice sessions is $80 per recital.